myPhoneRoom Explained

Introducing myPhoneRoom
"More than just a CRM*... our proprietary software, system and training BRINGS YOUR BUSINESS ALIVE by helping you find MORE LEADS, turn those leads into RED HOT PROSPECTS and helping you SELL MORE"

myPhoneRoom's hosted CRM software and system allows small businesses to bolster their efforts in contracting new clients.

By being able to manage their database, myPhoneRoom's clients can elect to receive live help desk services to expedite potential sales of their services to customers.

We offer a turnkey solution for any business that needs live support to generate realtime leads for their business to sell to.

By offering our services to small business, we provide them the ability to monitor, track and see the status of their customer base and what stage of the sales process that potential customer is in.

Bottom line: our CRM software, training and tools help generate more sales.

*Hate Calling Leads? Our API and software can connect your leads directly to 5 star service centers for immediate sales support!

*Want More Leads? Join Our Trainers Each Week For Lead Generation Mastery Webinars.

*Want More Time? Save Hours of Wasted Time Each Week By Outsourcing Your Prospecting To Us.

*Easy To Start – Just Call 1-800-222-8289
Come See What Everyone Is Talking About!

myPhoneRoom is located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Our staff consists of highly trained and courteous professionals that are here to serve your business.

We do all the sifting and sorting to uncover only those prospects who are serious and qualify for our clients unique business criteria.

Our clients no longer waste their valuable time making cold calls or talking to unqualified prospects because we do the work for them!

Our clients enjoy the added credibility that comes from having immediate LIVE support for their prospects.

Our Proprietary Software Links With Your Websites For Immediate Contact!

myPhoneRoom specializes in the field of lead generation follow up marketing software systems.

myPhoneRoom even has an online website builder clients can use to generate leads to be instantly served.

Now you can finally concentrate your efforts on training your team to duplicate your efforts and really send your business through the roof by focusing your time on the prospects who are most serious about joining your business.

We Do The Follow Up Most People Don’t Have Time For!

myPhoneRoom can also mail postcards or DVD’s and arrange for reminder phone calls and text messages on your behalf — we’re your one-stop shop for multimedia marketing and follow up!

The Bottom Line Is Simple:

If you want to find MORE LEADS, turn those leads into RED HOT PROSPECTS and potentially SELL MORE, then give us a call. can help you If:

  • You hate rejection.
  • Your life is already very stressful and busy.
  • You want someone else to pre-qualify your prospects.
  • You want to start living your life on your own terms.

myPhoneRoom is an indispensable asset for every home based business owner who want to save time while working only with serious, qualified prospects.

To Learn More, Call 800-222-8289

Yours for more profits,

J. Joshua Beistle
Founder and CEO