Marketing Tip #4 – How to Create a Killer Ad Campaign

In our last issue (click here to read it), I gave you the template I use whenever create a new marketing campaign.

Today, we’re going to start delving deep into exactly what you need to do in order to create a winning campaign. So without any further delay, let’s jump right on in …

Part 1: Foundation Overview

Who: This is the person who would most likely buy your products or join your business and who you’ll start targeting your marketing campaigns and efforts towards.

Avoid This Mistake: ‘Shotgun’ Marketing

Shotgun marketing is a commonly made mistake and happens when you aren’t focused on specifically identifying your target prospect/demographic base.

Typically, with a shotgun marketing approach, you end up stretching your advertising dollars too thinly and accidentally murder any chance of success you might have had with your marketing campaign.

You’ll get far better results being selective in how you spend your advertising dollars and in targeting your ideal prospect.

What: This is your product name and brief description of features and benefits.

When: This is the legitimate urgency factor(s) your marketing must create in order to bring you maximum results. In short, you must convey the urgency to your audience that the best time to buy is right now!

Where: This is an additional targeting tool used to identify traffic patterns of your “whom”.  Ie. If you are marketing a new plant fertilizer, you may want to advertise near or around a nursery – which is a common place that your prospects would most likely be found.

Why: This is the #1 benefit of your product and should solve a problem of your prospect.

How: This is how you’ll plan to market your business and reach your target audience. Examples include: Online adversing, newspaper, radio, tv personal marketing, direct mail, telephone, etc…

Let’s Take A Look

At These Concepts At Work:

Now let’s go through each of these in detail using myPhoneRoom as our example.

FYI – I won’t mention our lucrative affiliate program or our residual powerline bonus because I am designing a product based lead generation campaign.

For biz opp leads, I would simply follow the same steps, but with a focus towards making money and freedom.

Rest assured that the methods used here will work for any legitimate product, service or business you wish to market.

An ideal prospect for myPhoneRoom is someone who …

1) Has a home-based business.
2) Is generating leads on a daily or weekly basis.
3) Doesn’t have enough time to follow-up properly.
4) Hates making cold calls.
5) Looking to make more money without any additional work.
6) Wants to maximize their results.

Service Name: myPhoneRoom
Service Type: Done-For-You Prospecting Service


1. Special member discount pricing.
2. Professional script training and review.
3. Voice Broadcasting system for instant lead generation.
4. Pay only for results.
5. Never a surprise bill.


1. More money.
2. Time Freedom.
3. Instant Professional Image.
4. Positioning as successful leader prospects are looking for.
5. Better recruiting rates.

*There are over a dozen more features and benefits that I could add or talk about, but for the sake of brevity I’ve only highlighted a handful of the major features and benefits our prospects and members have told us excited them.

In our case, we’ll be using various urgency factors in our sales process after we’ve gotten our prospects contact info.


1) Industry magazines and journals.
2) Biz opp websites
3) Small business marketing and sales tips websites

Our ‘done-for-you’ prospecting service means our members don’t have to cold call or waste their precious time talking with unqualified prospects.

Online marketing via Articles, PPC, and banner ads.
Offline marketing via Newspaper ads.

I hope this has helped you get a better understanding of what you need to do in order to create a successful marketing campaign.

In our next issue, we’ll talk about setting a budget and getting the most bang for our ad dollars as we can.

Yours for more profits.


Founder and CEO

P.S. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question.

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