Marketing Tip #5. The ‘Mad Men’ Formula for Advertising Success

Today’s issue is titled on the award winning TV show “Mad Men”. If you’ve never seen this show and you enjoy advertising, then I recommend watching an episode or two.

If you’ve ever taken any classes or read any books on advertising or marketing, then no doubt you’ll be familiar with the AIDA formula.

If you’re unfamilliar with the AIDA formula, then today’s issue will be extremely beneficial for you.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Here’s more detail about how the formula works in real life.

Attention: The first rule of writting any good ad is to get your prospects attention. If they aren’t paying attention to you, then they can’t buy from you.

Creating attention in ads comes in the form of either a headline or a graphic that stands out from the crowded marketplace.

Interest: In order for you to spark your prospects interest, you must focus on and demonstrate the benefits of your product to them and how it will solve a pressing problem or fulfill a want.

Desire: This is the actual ad content designed to highlight their want and create the desire to have it filled.

Action: This is where you give them instructions on how to buy or how to get more information so you can follow-up with them and make the sale.

I’m sure you noticed that there is significant overlap between different parts of your ad. For instance, your attention getting headline or graphic will oftentimes help create interest.

There is also a great deal of overlap in generating interest and desire in your prospect through your ad.

Success Tip: Network marketing typically requires a number of ‘touches’ with your prospect before they’re ready to say yes and buy from you, or to join your business.

That’s why it is critically important you collect your prospects contact information so that you can control the follow-up process and be there when they are ready to get started.

It’s also what makes myPhoneRoom such a powerful tool for your business because we can connect with your prospects for you to gauge their interest and seriousness. For more information about myPhoneRoom’s exciting ‘done-for-you’ prospecting service, click here.

Yours for more profits.


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  • jolanta says:

    I am in Vancouver and my website is new ..I need a lot of traffic and sales. Also, with Arbonne, I need to sign up people who are interested in doing the biz. I do not have time to host parties at home as they are very time consumng and (I feel old school). My upline wants me to do drop kis of skin care products (costly and timely) and again..need to collect then hound the person..not my the products as they speak for themselves. Want would this cost me and how would my website be implemented to help me. Kind regards..Jolanta

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