Why Use Text Marketing...
Increase Sales.  Instant Contact.  Cut Advertising Costs.  Drive Immediate Action (& sales).  Increase Customer Loyalty.  Send Coupons & offers on demand.

Who is using Text Marketing?  Restaurants, Churches, Retailers, Schools, Non-Profits, Radio Stations, Sports Teams, Colleges

Mobile phones are now the #1 communication tool in the world. Every month over 350 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. and Canada, which equates to over 10,000 per second!
Believe it or not, it is estimated that a full 15% of those texts are sent for marketing purposes. So who is using text marketing? Well, to put it bluntly… EVERYONE.
Everyone from pizzerias to non-profits, churches to radio stations are using this simple, effective method of communication to reach their audience faster and easier than ever before. And the best part is, it works!
You see, a recent study found that consumers actually want to receive more information and discounts directly to their mobile phones. Face it, your customers don't read their emails anymore. And direct mail is just too costly—to both you and the environment. Text marketing is the "green" way to promote your business or communicate to your members. And we don't just mean "green" in the traditional sense; we mean "green" as in it will make you MONEY.
Virtually every business or organization in existence can benefit from the powerful impact of mobile marketing, and TextAlertz makes using this technology both incredibly easy and surprisingly fun. With TextAlertz you will save money, improve customer loyalty and drive more sales or action from your base.


"So Easy To Use, Brickwood Grill needed to make an impact after changing their name recently. That’s when they signed up for TextAlertz and began building a list of VIP customers by sharing their keyword with everyone that stopped in during their grand opening. Now they have been able to retain those new customers by sending regular special offers that are exclusive to their mobile VIP members. Says Woody's owner" "If you run a business and aren't using TextAlertz you are completely missing the boat—and missing a big opportunity to increase sales." Our Automated And PROVEN System Can Quickly Increase Your Income by 200%, 500% even up to 700% OVERNIGHT!

Pay Attention: 
97% of text messages are OPENED.

95% of which are read


70% of consumers WANT to receive your offers & info by text.  

"The average ROI with mobile marketing is $10 for every

 Mobile Marketing Increases Sales. 

You can be up and running in
5 MINUTES! for less than $2/day

Text "ALERTZ" to 55469

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All TextAlertz accounts include:

Express Delivery

Unlimited Contacts & Groups

Free Full-Time Support by phone & email

Autoresponder, Text-2-Screen, and

Voting/Polling/Survey capability

No Contracts--cancel at anytime

Unlimited Mobile Web Sites with free hosting

QRC Code Capability

Lead Notification by text or email

Email Capture function




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"To be honest, every school or school district should be using text messaging to enhance parent and student communication. TextAlertz is there in the event of an emergency, but its day-to-day usefulness can not be overstated."

Joan F., Principal

"We have been using TextAlertz for 6 months now at my salon, A Touch of Sun. We find that it is very cost effective and has the advantage of getting the message straight to the customer’s phone, wherever they happen to be. We first starting using it to send appointment reminders as a great way of reducing the number of ‘no shows’. Then we began sending text offers to our customers and the results have been incredibly successful. Just the other day we sent out an offer to 143 of our customers when the bookings for the week were looking a bit down. From that text, we booked 15 appointments!"

Lee Monas, Owner

"I was scared to try something new at first, but now I don't know what I would do without TextAlertz. I can send out mobile coupons or even promote our new Sunday brunch, and every time I send a blast I see an immediate spike in business. There are no more slow days, because all I have to do is send out a special offer and my customers come out when they wouldn't have thought of us otherwise."

Cheryl G., One More Bite Cafe

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