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Imagine A Business That:
  • Was Publicly Traded And Has Been In Business Since 2003. That Had Over 200 Years Of Executive Experience And Treats It's Customers And Distributors Right
  • Marketed A Powerful Product Called Protandim That Has 20 Current Clinical Trials Being Done With It Where Places Like The University of Michigan And Harvard University Were Spending Millions Of Their Own Dollars To Research How Beneficial This Unique Product Can Be In Helping Reverse The Aging Process And To Lower The Amount Of Oxidative Stress In Your Cells. 
  • Where The Compensation Plan For The Distributors Pays You 7 Different Ways And Was The Most Lucrative Pay Plan In The World. It Includes Fast Cash, Possible Stock Options, And Company Wide Bonus Pools That Have Enticed 8 Figure Networkers To Come Join Us!
  • Where Third Party Peer And Media Reviews Do The Selling For Us. Places Like ABC Primetime, The Wall Street Journal, PBS Healing Quest, And Many Others Praise The Powerful Product Protandim!
  • Where The Product Has Been Clinically Proven To Improve The Blood Of An 80 Year Old To That Of A 20 Year Old!
  • You Actually Had A Real Chance At Earning A Potential 7-8 Figures In The Next 24 Months As This Is A Ground Floor Opportunity With Less Than 12,000 Distributors. Other Companies Like Herbalife And Xango Have Millions Of Distributors

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