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AND YES, This is No Joke.   Our Sports Busines Packages Will Not Only Get You Into The Biggest Events, Earning Huge Income, But We Will Teach You How To Grow A Potential Multiple Six Figure A Year Income From Home Marketing Sports. Don't You Think That Beats Your Day Job And Doing What You Do Now?

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Does The Rush Of Being Part Of History With 80,000 Other Fans Excite You?

Would You Like To Work From Your Local Sports Bar Instead Of Your Cubicle At Work?

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You had a once in a lifetime business opportunity that no one else offers. What if you could travel to the sporting events you only dream to go to all while getting paid to do it? How would you like to write off these amazing sporting trips. If you live for sports, if you live for road trips, and you dream that you can get paid for it then you must check out our lucrative business model and what it can do for you!

What would your income look like if you had 20 to 50 customers going to the top notch sporting events each year. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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Imagine A Business That:
  • Allows You To Work From The Ball Park, Sports Bar, Home,  Or Even Your Dream Sports Events
  • Your Business Allows You To Retail Tickets To All Major Sports Events And Profit From It
  • Market Red Hot Sports Team Travel To Any Sports Team Who Wants To Save Huge Money On Their Accomodations. Earn Huge Residuals!
  • Earn Extra Income From Selling The Most Sought After Sports Collectibles!
  • Get Paid For What You LOVE. Going To Sporting Events!
  • Learn How Going To Your Dream Events Can Be A Lucratrive Tax Write Off For You!

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Learn More And Join Us Today. You Can Be In Front Of The Money. Many Huge Sporting Events Are Coming Up In The Next Few Months. We Will Teach You How To Market This And How To Explode Your Income.  These Events Are In Huge High Demand. How Many Of These Buyers Do You Think Will Buy From You When You Let Them Know How They Can Go To Their Most Sought After Sports Event For Basically FREE!!

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We have a unique business model that will create millionaires for big thinkers and do'ers. How hard do you think it is to market major sporting events when your customer can potentially write it all off!

You Can Be Up And Running In Hours. Our Simple Business Model Is So Easy Grandma Can Use It...

We Will Teach You How To Market, We Will Teach You How To Sponsor Other Businesses, Sports Teams, And Sports Fanatics Who WANT What You Will Be Offering!!

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asdfsadfYou Can Be Attending Sporting Events All Over The Country, Getting Paid For Helping Others Get There, And Being Able To Write It Off On Your Taxes! Its So Easy And So Enjoyable! Start Making Money Today!asdf


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asdfsadfThis is AWESOME. I am top industry leader and mentor who has helped hundreds make big money online. I am a huge sports fan and a huge road trip nut. I have been to every MLB stadium, almost every NFL stadium, and plenty of college stadiums. I love the freedom that working from home allows me. I have been doing it for nine years now. When I was told that there was a business that combined my love for being an entrepreneur PLUS being able to travel to sporting events I had to join. Seriously, think about this. With My Dream Sports Biz you will get paid for helping others go to once in a lifetime sporting events. And better yet you can get Uncle Sam to foot most of the bill! So you have the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars,  plus travel all over the country. This is the best thing I have ever seen and so easy to sell.

With this business we will teach you how to market to the millions of sports fans out there. We can even close the sales for you. Do you realize that thousands and thousands of people wlll spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to these amazign sporting events. When you show them a business opportunity where they can earn a big piece of that pie plus show them how they can basically go for FREE you have a true winner. This is your chance. Fill out the form above and let our team show you how it is all possible. You can be selling tickets, packages, hotel rooms, memorabilia plus much more all helping fans go to their dream sporting events.

In my personal opinion and my nine years experience making major money from home this is the greatest, most unique business opportunity I have ever seen. We are not selling over priced pills or potions. We are not selling worthless ebooks or junky travel vouchers. We are selling top notch, once in a lifetime sports packages and experiences. These things sell themselves and can possibly be absoutely free for you if you use our tax strategies. All training and marketing is provided! 

I am very proud to endorse and work with this awesome program. Enter your info today. Go to our website and check things out and then listen to our presentation. You can sign up to attend a live webinar or we will send you an email with a way to listen to a recorded presentation!

-Chris Hurney
Top Income Producer and Team Leader

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