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Want to be in business for yourself but not by yourself? Work during the hours you set? Determine your own pay? Message me for info…

Want to Own Your Life?

My name is Heidi MacKay and I am an Independent Business Owner with ACN.  Here is my business case to you...

Most business owners do not have time freedom - their businesses own them!
Most businesses are not designed properly to retire the owners in style!

Most employees do not have job security, and no company is building their pension any more.  And their incoms are linear - if you work, you get paid, if you don't, you don't!

Same for self employed people - they are still trading their time for money- linear income is not designed to have you be financially free, yet alone wealthy.


Change gears and be part of THE BUSINESS OF THE 21ST CENTURY, according to Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

The industry I am in is now emerging as the #1 business model, PERIOD!

With a simple, proven system, 20 years in the making. A huge global business, for those who think big.

Why not do work once, and get paid over and over again?  This is a wealth principle.

Go to

and watch a short video.  Call or email me for a free discussion, if any of this looks like it might be of interest.  We will get you in front of the info you need to make a well informed decision on whether or not this is for you. 

We are not trying to sell you anything, we are looking for the right people for our team.  And there is no money involved in taking a look at this business, just so you are comfortable.  

And we are NOT looking for sales people.  We are looking for business builders.

So, start building a financially freeing future now.  Click on the site above, complete the form to your right, watch the webinar, and start looking at this option for your life.

My Story
Here is where I was in my life... I had a great education - a Masters in Business...then got a great job....ending as a VP of a large bank.  I was in the real estate finance business, and had a great ride.  I opened up a new market and put $300 million of loans on the books.

Here is what I found though....I had no time.  And, a few years later with kids, was in a position that something needed to change for me to invest the time I wanted to invest in them.  Plus I was divorced.

So I did the next best thing - joined the many professionals who started a home based business.  However, turns out I had part of it right (in terms of having a great solution), and part wrong.  I had started on a 21st century path of working.   I had no commute (yeah!!), I could set my own hours, so I was free, which also let me work things around my kids.  HOWEVER, and this applies to guys also, I was still trading my time for money, as I was working contracts.  So if I worked I got paid, if I did not, I did not.  From a financial point of view, I was no better off than an employee!  That was quite a rude awakening.  But thank heavens I woke up, and by accident it seems, I found a vehicle that would get me on a stable, regular, wealth creating fianncial solution.  And I found it!  A recession-proof income, that happens to come in every month like clock-work (just a bit hard to find!), plus my retirement and wealth - I will build it all in this business.

 I come from a traditional business entrepreneur family and understand the pressures and burdens and no time that business owners have.  Plus I had my own business.  And I have worked as an employee, and understand no job stability.  Successful as I was, a group of us found our jobs discontinued one day.  So I have experienced that too.  

I understand where you are, and I am on track to go to the senior levels in something that is much better.  My business was in training & coaching people up to a SVP level in brand name companies.  Now I work with people who want to change their lives, and am qualified to guide & coach you through the journey.

The next 5 years are coming anyway.  If you continue to do the same things, you will remain in the same place.  Wouldn't you rather invest in yourself big-time over the next 5 years, own your business, and build an extraordinary lifestyle?  How about doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whomever you want?  This business is designed to build an income after you stop working, if you build it right.  Dream Big!

"Now you can stop waiting until something unplanned happens to start building your freedom... Put yourself in a position to make money fast."


Very Highly

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asdfsadfI wish I had found a business like this sooner!  Finally I found a business that is designed properly from a financial point of view.  And it is designed to create the next luxury people are looking for - complete freedom - time and money together.  I am so excited for the day when I have built an income that comes in month after month, year after year, whether or not I work!

Heidi MacKay
MBA, formally a VP of a large bank, and former business owner for 13 yrs.


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