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asdfsadfA few Years ago I managed to run up more than 60k in debt with over 30K being split between two credit cards.  I was making an automobile payment while at the same time using my home as a piggy bank.  This was not unlike most americans today where 76% are living from paycheck to paycheck.

Today things are very different  I've owned a successful real estate holdings company which primarily focused on undervalued properties around the United States, I host a weekly radio talkshow covering faith and finances along with my co-host Dr. Wayne Lawrence on a christian radio station Praise 99.5FM in St. Louis Missouri and I've partnered to develop a leadership development business community which utilizes many of the same principles as some of the most successful franchises in our nations history.

Today that 60K plus worth of debt is gone in just a few short years instead of the 15 to 25 years we've all come to expect as our only option.  Here's how I did it!  I first learned how to better defend the money I was making, next I learned to better understand and apply the principles around making more money which is what the program referred to as playing offense and finally I learned about something referred to as the playing field.  I found myself trapped in The Financial Matrix and The Financial Fitness Program is what helped me escape.  47 principles over everything from what a YOU INC investment hierarchy looks like to the role of gold, silver and speculative investments.
I am very proud to endorse this awesome program!

-Larry Cheatham
Financial Coach and Entreprenuer

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