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myPhoneRoom's Affiliate Manager
Maddy G.

Marc Bates
7:25 am
Marc Bates
7:25 am
Marc Bates
7:25 am
Craig Rhodes Sr
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Craig Rhodes Sr
6:20 am
Craig Rhodes Sr
6:20 am
Tester McTest
8:16 am
11:17 am
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I recently joined MyPhoneRoom.com and want to tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with it thus far.  I haven’t even started my first campaign yet and I am already feeling this has been the best money invested since joining my primary opportunity.

I want to commend you for the amount of value contained in this system.  Soup to nuts really.  Training, support, technology, compensation, it’s all in there.

I have spent twice to three times as much on ala carte programs that confused the bloody hell out of me, but myphoneroom is the bomb for any business or marketer that is looking for an edge.

And, their Affiliate manager Maddy is the best!  

- Richard Hearst (3 Time Emmy Award Winner Actor from Daytime Television Drama)


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