What would a reduction of 50 to 70% on your business communications do for you? For me it meant more money to market my business!

A Wonderful Change In Technology Is Reducing Business and Residential Phones Bills By 50 to 75%!

sdfsdfasdfsadfIts So Easy To Install!asdf
(All you need is Broad Band Internet Service and You're up and Running!)

If You Can Plug In a Traditional Phone Line...
...Then You Can Do The Installation Yourself!

AND Guess What Else, Your Phone Service Is Portable so you can take your phone service with you when you travel!

Let Me Ask You...

Are you tired of inflated local and long distance busines charges for you company?

Are you tired of the rediculous additiona fees and taxes?

What If...

If told you that you could get rid of most of those additional fees with out losing any of your current bells and whistles. 

What if I told you that some of our customer have commercial phone bills that are as low ass $14.95 per month.

Marc Bates
7:25 am
Marc Bates
7:25 am
Marc Bates
7:25 am
Craig Rhodes Sr
6:20 am
Craig Rhodes Sr
6:20 am
Craig Rhodes Sr
6:20 am
Tester McTest
8:16 am
11:17 am
11:15 am
11:10 am


Check Out These Business Services:
  • Web Access For Real Time updates
  • Disaster recovery with out-of-service forwarding and device mobility
  • Four digit dialing
  • Meet-Me Conferencing
  • Auto Attendant
  • Hunt Groups
  • Unified Messaging
  • Enhanced Group Features
  • Many More
  • Cost Savings with Your Existing PBX

    The benefit of SIP Trunking is that it uses your existing IP or Legacy (TDM) PBX to bring significant cost savings for your local and long-distance calling.

    Simply Put...

    With GLOBALINX® Hosted PBX, there is no expensive equipment to buy and install, far lower upfront capital expenditures, and no ongoing maintenance agreements. Our system grows with your needs. From one to an unlimited amount of extensions can be used in the same office or around the globe.

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Stop Throwing Away Money Now With Your Current Phone Provider!

asdfsadfNow you can stop waiting until next week, or next month to finally REDUCE that phone bill... Its So Easy You Can Start Saving Today!asdf


Very Highly

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asdfsadfThis is AWESOME. My business phone bill was over $200.00 per month.  My bill is now $32.95 each month and I didn't lose any of my old features.  As a matter of fact I actually gained more features!

This for me helped to recoup all of those marketing dollars spent each month to successfully run my real estate business.

I am very proud to endorse this awesome business phone provider!

-Wayne Kirk
Current Globalinx Business Customer!

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