Is your ministry or church really just a "creature of the state"? Are you feeling muted under the yoke of Caesar?

Few realize that being under a 501c status they are mere "religous organization", which actually limits freedom of religion and speech? Voluntarily! 

"Why exist as a totally ineffective state-run ministry vs becoming a free ministry?

Our founding Fathers would toll over in their graves to see how churches and minstries have sold out for a perceived "tax benefit", and thus converted themselves into being mere creatures of the state".

(This Works For Any Church or Private Ministry!)

If you can speak, why have it so limited? 

...By asking permission for a non ministry friendly government, you may have entered a contract you don't want to be under!

THOUSANDS of ministries are discovering why they are now under control of the state and thus less effective, as state 501c corporations.  Many of the leaders who led to our freedom were pastors and priests who led the way. Where are they now? Under state & federal control...all for a false benefit from the state... a benefit they already had.

Get the whole story, and get back your freedom and power to speak. We cannot serve 2 Gods right? it is either God or the State. You decide.

Let Me Ask You...

Have you ever asked WHY Chistianity is losing ground in America? We contend it is because we were sold a bill of good as far as a tax benefit. One which already exists without incorporating under government control voluntarily.

Are you tired of NOT being as effective, not being able to speak about politics, and economics, or even being able to more effectively help your people thrive? Isn't it time to take back America from seculars? Then STOP giving them all the power over you...voluntarily. 

There is another way!

What If...

  • You could encourage members to get involved in our political system and take back our government for the people?

  • You could get full tax benefits without being contrained by the 501c rules?

  • You could teach members real financial empowerment and how they can be free of debt sooner?

  • You could raise revenues more ways then ever before, without so many restrictions on your activity? (we'll teach you at least 5 new ways to build more tax free revenue)

  • You could remove the threat of losing a tax status which you have ANYWAY!

  • You could back candidates with causes who would support the church or ministry message vs work against it?


Isn't it time your got back your religous freedom and helped your members to the same?

Get our free report, see the video, and find out how to take action now!

* More freedom to speak
* Particpate in subjects that matter
* No govenment restriction on speech
* Be more effective
* Retain tax benefits
* More ways to earn revenue


Imagine A System That:
  • Opens up your full potential as a ministry or church.
  • Removes the bureocracy the government imposed on 501c organizations.

  • Does not require a state filing or a corporation sole; and old system that can be removed at will, and still leaves you under state control.
  • Reminds us we can only serve one God, and don't need state permission to have a ministry.
  • Removes the threat of losing a "tax benefit". We are more that just about money.
  • Shows us more way we can raise revenues.

  • Show us how to reach out to more potential members.

  • Allows us to participate in the political process and take back out country.

  • Allows you to start a minstry on your terms, as long as you are serving you God given purpose, and meet basic meeting requirements. (Not to be used for tax evasion or illegal purposes of course).

Explode Your Ministry Now...

Where do you want your ministry to be 1 year or 10 years from now?

Then make the move to re-organize as a Free Church or Ministry today. 

Don't Miss This! See why 1000's or churches are makeing this coversion now. The very existence of free-churches around the world depends on you stepping up too. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem by not setting your ministry free. It all starts with a little education and a few simple tools.

asdfsadfNow you can speak freely to your member and they can be more involved in protecting our freedoms... even our freedom of religion, which is under serious threat today.asdf


Very Highly

We owe it to our country, our members, and our supporters to be strucutred in such a way as to be as effective as we can. 


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asdfsadfThis is AWESOME. Pastors should want the most from our Ministry and for our people. This Free Chuch system allows me to speak freely without fear of retributon or loss off a tax benefit we already have. It is time for our Priests and Pastors to lead the fight for freedom again in this country. If we dont I fear we will lose our very freedom to exist as Christians sooner than we might believe.

No more fearing the government that is supposed to serve the people, not the ther way around. We can only serve one God. Our members need to see us lead by example.


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