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Imagine A System That:
  • Provided you with an easy-to-follow eating plan that’s designed to help you rev up your metabolism so you can lose weight faster.
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asdfsadfWell we are on day 14 on our second round of Ignite 15..Mark is down another 10 for a total of 35LBS!!! and 6 inches off his waist..officially he has nothing that fits him LOL. Myself, I am down another 4 LBS for a total loss of 20LBS GONE!! and my cloths as well are not fitting the same :) Time to go shopping and get some after pictures...coming soon :) 
Christine Althouse

Ignite15 results for my mom :0) .... she completed her 15 days this past Monday and is happy to have lost 13 LBS during her 1st Ignite15. She wants to do again ... because she knows it works and she knows how simple it is to follow. My dad is next ;0) 
Nick Gernatt

Okay Ignite 15 first 15 completed with a loss of 10 lbs....now that might not sound like alot to some of you but I'm a 54 year old female on Lexapro and hormones so I'm very excited as we know sometimes medication can stall your weight loss. And I can tell in my clothing. On to the next 15 ! 
Pam Bowman


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