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Let Me Ask You...

Are you tired of sending out thousands of worthless emails and getting Absolutely Little or No Response ?

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars are marketing strategies that get you no where? 

What If...

You had a system that could get Motivated Prospects visiting your website daily wanting what you had to offer and enabled you to signup hundreds into your business and downlines each and every month? 

What would your income look like if you had 20 to 50 prospects trying to contact you daily about your business?


brad kauffman
11:14 am
brad kauffman
11:13 am
Marc Bates
7:25 am
Marc Bates
7:25 am
Marc Bates
7:25 am
Craig Rhodes Sr
6:20 am
Craig Rhodes Sr
6:20 am
Craig Rhodes Sr
6:20 am
Tester McTest
8:16 am
11:17 am


All these things are completely done for you the minute you join Big Idea Mastermind!
  • Website (design, hosting, banners that convert etc…)
  • Landing pages *that actually convert*
  • High converting sales videos
  • AMAZING products to sell
  • Auto responder Email sequence
  • A team culture that keeps people around and moving forward
  • Live events – transformational/educational – not just a pitch fest
  • All of the products and training that you and your team need
  • WEEKLY live trainings to build your team up
  • Extremely high converting up-sell process (all you ever focus on is selling the $25 product yet the average value per customer is worth $400 + in the first 60 days… and that’s AFTER passups)

Seriously, how could you see all that and not just join Big Idea Mastermind?

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asdfsadfThis is AWESOME. I am an industry leader and mentor who has helped people make money online. I must say that the Big Idea Mastermind provides a legitimate and quality service that every marketer needs, no matter what business they're promoting.  This amazing system combines a simple powerful compensation plan that was designed for the masses!

With this you never make another cold call again. It’s an amazing tool that every marketer needs who desires to succeed and make money online with any business, period! Its simple to use, contacting 100’s even 1000’s at the push of a button. this does ALL the Cold Calling, Sifting and Sorting for you, getting prospects Chasing you.

In my personal opinion this is one of the top marketing tools and home based business opportunities in the industry. It has sky rocketed all my streams of income!
If you’re looking to make money, explode your business and get prospects chasing you, then you need this!

I am very proud to endorse this awesome program!

-Randal Williams
The 500k Mentor

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