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I have been so blessed with My Phone Room

Hi Josh,
I have been so blessed with My Phone Room. I was skeptical in the beginning but I am so happy that I decided to join you. I like your no nonsense approach in teaching! I needed that!

Teresa Feil -

I just signed up a few days ago as an executive!

Hi Josh, I sign up a few days ago as an executive. You have a lot to offer here. I am very please on what I see. Looking to get my business up and running to retire in 2 yrs.

Beverly L. -

I am a member of your myphoneroom

I can't get enough of you my man... I am a member of your myphoneroom and will soon be a member of your academy. I have never seen anything like what you provide to us even after 12 years of search/spending/experimenting with everything that is out there.

You do not sugar coat any darn thing. Thank you for telling me what's really needed and for giving us access to what is needed to make it happen, finally.

Idalino da Silva -

I also am very enthusiastic about the affiliate part as well

I also am very enthusiastic about the affiliate part as well as the program for my leads. I am looking forward to learning more about ways to generate these leads for you to call. Did you say you had a program for that?

Beth Hawkins -

As my business is growing

I just joined and I am so exited to get a virtual marketing assistant. As my business is growing it is getting harder to keep up with all the leads, so I hope to get more sleep now.

Irene -

Just Imagine How Much MORE You Could Accomplish If You Had  Your Very Own Million Dollar Marketing Center...