Introducing myPhoneRoom™
“We help you find good leads and
our professional call center
calls your leads for you!”
*Hate Calling Leads? We do that for you!*Want More Leads? Join Our Trainers Each Week For Lead Generation Mastery Webinars

*Want More Time? Save Hours of Wasted Time Each Week By Outsourcing Your Prospecting To Us

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MyPhoneRoom is a professional call center located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  Our staff consists of highly trained professionals that call and qualify our client’s leads for them.

We do all the sifting and sorting to uncover only those prospects who are serious and qualify for our clients unique business criteria.

Once we have a hot prospect, we immediately connect them with our client via a live 3-way phone call transfer.

Our clients no longer waste their valuable time making cold calls or talking to unqualified prospects because we do the prospecting for them!

Our clients enjoy the added credibility that comes from having their own personal appointment setters working for their business.

Plus, myPhoneRoom’s appointment setters are given advanced training in order to edify and position you as the expert and leader your prospects are looking for — an invaluable tool for success ONLY available from myPhoneRoom!

Our Proprietary “Insta-Call” Software Links With Your Websites For Immediate Contact!

myPhoneRoom is the leading innovator in the field of lead generation follow-up marketing software systems thanks to our proprietary “Insta-Call” software system which connects your website directly to our call center for immediate contact!

Thanks to the “Insta-Call” software, prospects are called in real time when they are RED HOT and often while they are still on your website!

myPhoneRoom even has an online website builder clients can use to generate leads to be instantly called by their appointment setters.

Now you can finally concentrate your efforts on training your team to duplicate your efforts and really send your business through the roof by focusing your time on the prospects who are most serious about joining your business.

We Do The Follow Up Most People Don’t Have Time For!

Everyone knows how important it is to follow-up, but who actually has the time to follow-up with their prospects like they know they should be doing?

We provide your business with hands-on, personal follow-up – even when you can’t.

Being consistent with your follow-up is often the determining factor to overcoming your prospects natural skepticism and fear.

Plus, we can also mail postcards or DVD’s and arrange for reminder phone calls and text messages on your behalf — we’re your one-stop for multi-media marketing and follow-up!

Work Smart, Not Hard

The key to success is leverage and working smarter, not harder.

By outsourcing their prospecting, our clients achieve the holy grail of leverage and are able to become more productive and efficient!

Plus, they enjoy the added time freedom to spend with their friends and family having fun.

Outsourcing is recommended by virtually all business coaches including Robert Kiyosaki, Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss of “The 4 Hour Work Week,” and even by top trainer and networker Mike Dillard of “Magnetic Sponsoring.”

The Bottom-Line is Simple:

If you hate calling prospects, then myPhoneRoom is the answer to your prayers!

Our professional staff of highly trained appointment setters can help you put an end to your dreadfully dreary days of qualifying your leads manually!™ Gives You:

1. A professional image.

2. Time freedom and leverage.

3. Instant positioning as the successful leader your prospects are looking for.

4. Professional scripting and review services.

5. And much, MUCH MORE!

myPhoneRoom Is a MUST-HAVE If:

  • You hate the rejection and frustration of prospecting.
  • Your life is already very stressful and busy.
  • You want someone else to eliminate the tire-kickers and time-wasters
  • You want to start enjoying living your life on your own terms.

myPhoneRoom is an indispensable asset for every home based business owner who want to save time while working only with serious, qualified prospects.

Call 1-800-222-8289 right now or CLICK HERE to get started.

Yours for more profits;

J. Joshua Beistle
Founder and CEO