Discover the “Crazy” Effective Email Marketing Strategies and Proven Step-by-Step Blueprint I Use to Consistently Recruit and Get More Signups and Customers Without Even Talking to Them

FACT: These strategies are responsible for helping me sign up over 10,000 reps and customers and be a top recruiter and income earner

For the first time ever… You too can get an in-depth, insider look and discover the secret email marketing tactics, strategies and methods to take your business to the next level – ALL ON AUTO-PILOT!


  • YES! These strategies and methods will work for your business!

  • YES! You can also use these proven strategies to sell (a lot) more of your products…

  • YES! You can easily use this simple blueprint to add sign-ups to any business you want for the rest of your life!

J. Joshua here…

I love email marketing. It’s made me a lot of money.

I’ve recruited and signed up tens of thousands of people because of it.

But I stink at, and hate writing them.

It’s true.

A little-known secret about me is I have some of the worst grammar and spelling you’ve ever seen. God bless the auto-correct spelling and grammar software!

But honestly, I don’t like writing.

I’d rather spend my time talking to a hot prospect or doing something else in my business.

But the fact is:

Emails work like gangbusters!

So I can’t just ignore them and neither can you if you want to make serious money in your business.

And truth be told…

The emails I’ve used to achieve results others only dream about have been written by someone else!

That’s right.

One man is directly responsible for putting tens of thousands of people on my webinars…

This guy is responsible for all the emails that have signed them up which has sold millions.

He’s THE ONLY person on the planet I trust to write for me.

And one of the reasons is not just because he’s a great writer…

And it’s not only because he has over 13 years of experience delivering results…

It’s because he’s been a network marketer and business builder just like us.

He’s worked in the trenches.

He’s done the grind.

He knows EXACTLY what your prospects are thinking and EXACTLY what they need to hear in order for them to set aside their fears and get started.

And for the first time ever, I’ve convinced him to host a one-time, LIVE webinar event on Saturday, March 17th, where he’s going to teach you all of his secrets!

The very same secrets he uses on my behalf in my businesses and those of his clients.

  • If you want to see how easy it is to recruit people onto your team like clockwork using emailEVEN IF you hate writing… Then this webinar is for you.
  • If you want to see how to create the best email sequence for your business for MAXIMUM results… Then you don’t want to miss this workshop.
  • If you want to see how to warm up even the most skeptical and coldest prospect and/or make your phone ring off the hook with hot prospects dying to get started with you… Then this workshop is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Grab your calendar and reserve Saturday, March 17th for this one-time live event because you won’t want to miss this!

Meet and Get to Know Your Instructor: Harun Bahri

If you want to achieve success in any field, then it’s important to surround yourself with champions and successful people.

You have to hang out with the best of the best.

The cream of the crop.

Or as one of my old sponsors used to say all the time:

“If you want to soar at the highest mountain tops, then you
need to hang out with the Eagles, not the turkeys.”

And when you see Harun’s background and experience, I think you’ll agree that there’s few people more qualified than him to teach you how to use email in your business.

•    Harun started his first business out of his bedroom at age 16 and immigrated to America after completing college where he had graduated with first class standing with degrees in Education, History and Geography.

•    But a traditional teaching career just wasn’t for him and he quickly started his first brick and mortar biz at age 23.

•    By 26 years old, he became the youngest Dan Kennedy, GKIC certified business consultant in America.

•    He quickly caught the attention of the World’s top direct response copywriter and marketer: Clayton Makepeace; who hired him to work with him on his clients’ multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.

•    Harun’s sales copy has sold millions of dollars’ worth of products and services in every conceivable niche and industry.

•    He’s been involved in the Network Marketing industry since 2002 and he’s been a top recruiter and business builder because he knows what it takes to get people to sign up.

•    Through email, he’s made his clients’ phones ring off the hook with hot prospects dying to sign up and get started BEFORE they even speak (this is just one of the strategies he’s going to teach you in this workshop)…

And as I mentioned earlier, he’s the ONLY copywriter I trust to write for me, but don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of his clients say:

Got 113,173 leads, A 92% ROI
And Generated $650,000 in Revenue!

“Harun, to say you wrote some awesome ad copy for us would be an understatement. Thanks to your lead generation copy, we got 113,173 red hot leads with a whopping 92% ROI in just 4 months! Plus, we generated $650,000 in revenue! Thanks for your insights and the copy!”
– Chris Harris, Marketing Director, Weiss Research, Inc.

Your Advice Is Invaluable!

“Thanks Harun, you have been a great help, I really appreciate. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be trying to figure out what to do. Thanks for the gentle shove to get me going.”
– Wayne B.

Taught Me How To
Attract Buying Customers

“Harun has really helped put it all together for me and has taught me how to advertise my business to attract buying customers.”
– Anne G.

Tripled My Website Visitors
In Just 7 Days!

“Hi Harun, Just wanted to let you know that the visits to my website TRIPLED in the first week of running the new ad! And so far this week looks like it will exceed that!!! Needless to say I am very excited about the potential here!”
– Pauline O.,

— Update From Pauline —
Just Made Over $23,940 in Sales!

 “I have had a very exciting week with so much happening in my business that my head’s spinning!

I’ve turned over $23,940.37 and IT’S ONLY the 6th day of the month!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!”
– Pauline O.,

Getting Leads Calling Me!

“After redesigning my campaigns with Harun’s help, I’m finally getting leads CALLING ME wanting more information.”
– Ben P.

Increased my Retail sales by about 35%

“Harun, you increased my Retail sales by about 35% by showing me where to find my target market and give me new ideas for marketing my business.”
– Mark H.

As you can see, Harun’s the real deal.

And he’s going to teach you all his little known secrets.

Every trick he uses.

You’ll get all the strategies and methods that get results to blow your business up and become a top income earner.

You’ll get it all as an attendee of this once-in-a-lifetime live webinar workshop.

Here’s a Short List of the 38 Things
You’re Going to Learn In This Workshop

1. You can’t make your phone ring from emails right? WRONG! Get the truth and strategies to make your phone ring with one hot prospect after another dying to talk to you and begging to join your business!

2. WARNING: Avoid falling for this trap – 93% of networkers are sabotaging themselves and they don’t even know it! Are you? Find out on the webinar…

3. How to leverage and use the information your [SECRET REVEALED IN THE WEBINAR] to get better results with your emails.

4. The simple step-by-step system to write great emails EVEN IF you HATE writing!

5. The easiest way to instantly banish writers block

6. Get Harun’s secret blueprint and methods on how to organize and structure your emails to send your results through the roof!

7. How to use social media to really ramp up your recruiting efforts without any work!

8. What email marketing companies to use for your business.

9. The amazing “follow through” secret that is the foundation of achieving big results with your business by making it easy to recruit people regardless of where you live or how busy you are…

10. Like taking candy from a baby! How to use [SECRET REVEALED IN THE WEBINAR] in your emails that will skyrocket your results and make it really easy to recruit people.

11. PLUS – Harun’s super simple way to get testimonials and social proof when you don’t have any.

12. Discover the 7 psychological triggers to use in your emails that make people want to join your business right away.

13. The sneaky email marketing trick that absolutely destroys your prospects objections and fears…

14. Discover how simple and easy it is to [SECRET REVEALED ON THE WEBINAR] and the important reasons why you must if you want to be one of your company’s top recruiters and income earners!

15. The little known graphic marketing secret that ramps up your results to the next level! No graphic designer skills needed!

16. PLUS – How to ensure your emails get delivered.

17. How to avoid getting your account banned or your email blacklisted.

18. 3 easy ways to improve your open rates and get your email read!

19. What you must do BEFORE you send a single email – Discover the very first thing Harun does before he writes a single word in an email. This secret will probably surprise you…

20. Did you know there’s a secret list of over 400 words that are on a blacklist and used by every email provider? Using any of them will instantly kill your email from being delivered. Harun is going to show you how to avoid these deadly words.

21. Discover the proven email marketing design and layout structure used by Harun to put thousands of customers and reps into my business.

22. Get Harun’s simple tips for [SECRET REVEALED IN WEBINAR] to get max results…

23. How to “talk” about your opportunity in your emails without coming across as over the top or sounding like it’s “too good to be true”.

24. PLUS – Discover the 7 objections prospects have about your opportunity and how to overcome them.

25. How to find the [SECRET REVEALED IN WEBINAR] of your business, opportunity and products.

26. The simple formula that will help you sell your products like hotcakes…

27. How to pre-qualify prospects so you don’t waste your time talking to tire-kickers and time wasters…

28. And how to use [SECRET REVEALED IN WEBINAR] so you prime your prospects and they are dying to talk to you and join your team.

29. How to build a great email sequence without stress even if you’ve never sent a recruiting email in your life… or if you hate writing… or if you’re super busy…

30. Come see how to successfully use email in your business for the rest of your life… it makes recruiting a piece of cake and growing your business fun!

31. How to get your prospects to take IMMEDIATE action.

32. How to put these strategies and methods on steroids and get 5X the results!

33. EVEN IF you’re like me and you dislike or even hate writing… Harun will show you some of the easiest tricks and methods he knows to help you overcome that hurdle.

34. PLUS – The super easy trick to guarantee your emails stick out like a sore thumb in your prospects inbox and get opened even if they get a hundred emails a day!

35. If you want to make it easy on yourself to recruit people effortlessly, then you MUST use this one simple marketing tactic – it’s been responsible for helping me recruit thousands of people!

36. THE TRUTH ABOUT RECRUITING ON AUTOPILOT! Get the secret strategies and tactics of how to recruit people into your business without ever talking to them – This is perfect for people who hate talking to people over the phone

37. Short vs Long emails – discover the correct length for an email.

38. ADD 20-30 PEOPLE A MONTH INTO YOUR BUSINESS! How to exploit Harun’s “X-Factor” strategies… methods… and tactics and put your recruiting on steroids!

*Harun is reserving the right to add more topics to the workshop. But this was the list he came up with and gave me on short notice that’s he’s guaranteeing to cover at minimum.

As you can see, it’s going to be jam-packed with tons of actionable, money-making information and instructions you can easily start using right away.

This Will Be THE Best Money You’ll Spend On
Yourself and Your Business This Year!

A live workshop like this would easily cost you at least $2,999 or more (typically as much as $5,000 – $6,000) to attend.

But we’ve been friends going all the way back to 2003 and I was able to leverage our friendship and call in a favor and convince him to keep the investment low.

So the good news is you won’t have to invest an arm and a leg or give up your firstborn child to get in on this exciting one-time live workshop.

There’s no multi-thousand dollar fee like there should be.

No $5k price-tag.

And no monthly fee.

I’ve convinced him to keep the investment low enough so everyone can easily afford it.

Your investment to be one of the lucky attendees of this live event is just $199!

That’s right!

A one-time investment of only $199 and you’ll get his proven step-by-step email marketing blueprint that he’s used in my businesses to help me not only recruit and sign up tens of thousands of people and customers over the years…

…But also, how he makes my phones ring off the hook with the HOTTEST prospects you could ever imagine or dream of.

This live workshop is EXACTLY what you need to help you grow your business consistently and on as auto-pilot as you can get.

And not to worry, your investment today is covered by Harun’s generous two-part, iron clad money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Here’s Harun’s 2-Part
100% Risk Free
Money-Back Guarantee

Harun wants to make sure if for some reason you’re unhappy with him at the end of the webinar, you can get your money back because there’s nothing worse than buying something you aren’t happy with.

So he’s giving you a two part, iron-clad, 100% risk free money-back guarantee so you have nothing to risk or lose by reserving your seat today.

Here’s how it works:
Guarantee Part 1: Attend the workshop, if afterwards you feel you didn’t get your money’s worth, just shoot me an email (at and we’ll refund you – no fuss, no hassles or hoops to jump through.

Guarantee Part 2: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you can’t attend the live workshop, don’t sweat it, sign up today and you’ll still have a full month (from the live webinar date) to watch the webinar recording and go through everything at your convenience. If you don’t feel it was worth it, just send me an email and we’ll refund your money – it’s as easy as that.

Plus, when you register and reserve your seat today, you’ll also get all of the following valuable resources as FREE bonus gifts:

You’ll Get These 9 FREE Bonus Gifts Worth $2,013
To Help Grow Your Business and Make Your Life Easier

*You get to keep them EVEN IF you ask for a refund!

BONUS #1. Workshop Recording – a $249 value

You’ll get a complimentary digital recording of the workshop so you can come back and re-watch it as many times as you want and at your convenience.

You won’t have to fear about missing any of the strategies, methods, tips or tricks shown and you won’t miss a word that was said.

This way you can concentrate during the live event of taking in the big ideas instead of the impossible task of trying to write everything down.

There’s no doubt in my mind that every time you watch it, you’ll pick up something new that you missed before and that you’ll be re-watching this workshop many times over this year and beyond.

BONUS #2. Private Q&A session – a $99 value

How often have you attended a webinar or training session and when it ended, you were left with a bunch of unanswered questions?..

…Left in the dark to figure it out on your own?

Well Harun doesn’t want that to happen to you!

He wants to make sure you leave the workshop feeling confident and knowledgeable.

That’s why he’s going to take the time to answer every question you have without fail.

He’s going to make sure you fully understand how to use his blueprint and system and there’s no lingering doubt or questions on what to do.

BONUS #3. Workbook – a $39 value

Have you ever attended a training and the information and ideas came at you at such a fast and furious pace that you simply couldn’t keep up?

That’s why Harun is giving you a complimentary copy of the workbook that will accompany this workshop webinar.

Coupled with a free recording of the workshop to re-watch at any time, this will allow you to be able to keep your notes all in one easy to reference and review place.

BONUS #4. Client Case Study and Swipe File – a $99 value

It’s one thing to talk about great ideas and strategies that have made people a lot of money.

But it’s a completely different game when you can see those strategies, methods and ideas in action.

That’s why Harun is including this very valuable bonus gift.

An unedited, un-censored copy of one of Harun’s clients’ email sequences for his home based business.

You’ll get to see firsthand how to implement the methods and strategies Harun talks about in the webinar – Even better, these emails were written by his client who isn’t a professional writer, but a long haul truck driver.

If a truck driver can follow Harun’s instructions with success, then so can you – and he’ll prove it by showing you what his client did.

BONUS #5. Resource list – a $49 value

You’re going to get a copy of Harun’s secret compiled list of valuable resources he shares with his private clients.

This list covers a wide range of topics and subjects.

For example:

You’ll find a list of a few books you’ll want to get… A link to the best email service provider as well as to little-known websites and resources he’s found over the years that help him with email marketing…

This is just a tiny example of the valuable resources you’ll find in this list. There’s much, MUCH more in this list to help you.

BONUS GIFT #6. The Blacklist Report – a $49 value

You may not know this, but there is a secret list of words that greatly impact the delivery of your emails.

They can instantly destroy and sabotage your efforts by red-flagging your emails and banishing them to the depths of the internet as spam, never to be delivered.

Words like: “Guarantee”, “Once-in-a-lifetime”, and of course “make money” are just a few of the obvious examples you need to be aware of.

Every email provider automatically scans your emails for these blacklisted spam words.

This special report gives you the list of the 400+ blacklisted spam words so you can avoid them and get your emails delivered without a problem!

BONUS #7. Subject Line Cheat Sheet – a $129 value

You can forget about struggling to think up a hot subject line for your email to get it opened!

This special cheat sheet is filled with some of the hottest, best performing email subject lines Harun has seen and even used over the years.

When you get stuck, just pull this cheat sheet up on your screen, scan it, and BAM! You’ll find yourself a great subject line to use or get inspired by it within minutes!

BONUS #8. The Objections and Rebuttals Guide – a $1,000 Value

Get Harun’s compiled list of the top objections people typically have and/or fall back on to avoid making a decision in getting started in your business.

Armed with this valuable information, you’ll know the biggest excuses people give but he doesn’t just stop there!

You’ll also get the rebuttals to each objection Harun has used to overcome them so you can easily recruiting your prospects.

BONUS #9. A FREE Critique Certificate – A $300 value

This complimentary critique certificate is good for one free critique of your email sequence.

You’ll get Harun’s personal email address to send your emails to for him to look over and give you pointers and suggestions on how to improve your emails and sequence.

When it comes to editing and critiques, Harun pulls no punches and will give you the kind of insights that are worth thousands of dollars.

Here’s what people who have gotten critiques from him in the past have said:

Your Critique of My Sales Page is Outstanding!

“Wow! Your critique of my sales page is outstanding! Seriously. You pointed out several things I hadn’t thought of – and I honestly agree with why it would be better that way. I am very pleased with your suggestions. I know Dan Kennedy is good but he’s way out of my price range so I truly value your critique – thank you Harun!”
– Lynn Stivers

Your Critique and Solutions
Are the BEST I’ve Ever Gotten!

“Hi Harun, thanks for the excellent critique of my copy. It’s not often I say this, but ‘I am excited’. Not being a marketer, I have struggled with copy to sell my educational products for years; your critique and solutions are the best I have ever received. Thanks again Harun.”
– Paul Mackie

Your Critique Blew Me Away
With Tons of Money-Making Ideas

“Harun, I just got my critique and was blown away. I’m in the middle of a rewrite, and now I’ve got a whole host of ideas to work with. You brought up a ton of things that I hadn’t even thought of, but after reading them thought, “OF COURSE!” Really can’t wait to see the results of my new sales page.”
– Tynan, Austin, TX

Your Critique Has Dramatically
Helped My Business

“I had a sales letter that he helped me re-write and the changes have dramatically helped in my efforts. The critiques [you give] are great because I’m in business to make money, so tell me the truth.”
– Art S.

All 9 of these valuable bonus gifts worth $2,013 are yours FREE to keep when you sign up today EVEN IF you ask for a refund!

There IS One Catch Though:

After the workshop is over, Harun wants to hear from you.

He wants to hear the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly!

You see, he’s thinking of possibly turning this into an e-course down the road.

And part of the reason he agreed to such a low price tag was on the condition that all attendees agree to send him feedback after the workshop is finished so he can improve the way he teaches his system and blueprint based on your comments and ideas.

Can you commit to emailing Harun your honest thoughts and feedback?

If you can, and you want in, and you’re ready to claim your gifts and reserve your spot for the workshop, then just click the button below.

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot

See you on Saturday, March 17th.


J. Joshua Beistle
CEO & Co-Founder

P.S. Still on the fence about this?

Ask yourself this question:

“Can you really afford to ignore this opportunity?”

If you choose to miss out on this I know you’ll kick yourself for it.

Because EVERY TIME you send an email to a prospect you’ll curse yourself for not taking advantage of this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime event.

For the rest of your life, you’ll always have that nagging little voice in the back of your mind leaving you wondering what you could have done to make your email better to get that prospect to sign up or call you…

You’ll be up all night, tossing and turning, beating yourself up thinking about what you could have done to have gotten better results.

Please, don’t let this happen!

For a measly $199, you can avoid all that frustration and pain!

Listen to your gut instinct and do this!

Register and reserve your spot for this webinar RIGHT NOW and thank me afterwards.

You’ve got nothing to risk or lose thanks to his generous two-part money-back guarantee and everything to gain.

Plus, don’t forget you’ll also get all 9 valuable bonus gifts worth $2,013 for FREE when you sign up for his live workshop today – yours to keep EVEN IF you ask for a refund!

Harun is well known for over-delivering as well as helping people achieve massive breakthroughs in their business thanks to his teaching and extensive business and marketing background going back to the mid 1990’s.

Without a doubt, it’s going to be an action-packed webinar where you’ll come out at the end of it and be able to instantly use these tactics for yourself to great effect and every day thereafter for the rest of your life.

In my opinion, there is simply no way you don’t recoup your investment in this.

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot

Over $3500 in 6 Weeks!

“Thanks to your help Harun, within 2 weeks I had $1700 in sales, now after 6 weeks, I have done in excess of $3500 sales!”
– Colin D.

Scalpel Sharp Insights Cut to the Meat

“You focus on what’s important. Business building and how to keep it growing! Your scalpel sharp insights cut to the meat of the matter and help a guy like me focus on what’s important. Thanks!”
– Robert M.

Love the No BS!

“What I like is the down-to-earth, no bullshit approach. I love the truth and the honesty… Thanks”
– Dorothy N.

“If you’re looking for results –
Harun’s a proven winner.”

“My business partner and I have known and worked with Harun since 2005. If there’s anything about him that makes him an “unknown” guru it’s the fact that he understands how to engage consumers, human psychology, marketing sequencing and what creates the urgency to have a prospect take a specific action…

“We’ve used him for dozens of writing projects… he gets an A+ in my book – whenever he’s available DON’T run… SPRINT as fast as you can to have him work on your project. If you’re looking for results, Harun’s a proven winner.”
– Terry Duff, President, Winning Marketing Solutions

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