Here’s what Networkers and Home Based Business Professionals
are saying* about myPhoneRoom’s done-for-you prospecting service:

*Results not typical, your results will vary.

Exactly What Marketers Need!

“Wow what a Great service!! Back to the basics, no automated calling system, actual people!!!
– Aquil

I only talk to hot prospects now

“I hate cold calling leads, it is one of the most challenging things that must be accomplished for a home business to be successful. Thanks to all the staff at myPhoneRoom, now I only talk to HOT Prospects that have already been qualified for me!”

– Patrick LaPointe

Automatically boots the tire kickers to the curb for me!

“Since I work days it is not possible to accomplish what I need to do at night if I’m constantly trying to qualify leads.

“Being able to screen prospects (kicking the tire kickers) without any involvement on my part has been very nice to say the least.
Getting live 3-way connects with those who WANT what I have and getting my companies information in their hands and booked to my webinar has really helped me leverage my (limited) time.

“Plus, tying in with current marketing trends like automatically connecting my prospects with me on Facebook and Twitter makes myPhoneRoom a great system to use for anyone serious about building their business.”

– Lawrence Tam, Numis Rep., Sugar Land, TX

No more cold calling for me!

“I got started with myPhoneRoom because I had been struggling in my business with doing cold calling so when I found out I could have someone doing the cold calls for me and I could get right to the warm market I was very interested. I also wanted a valuable system to be able to help people I bring into my business to have this available for them too to help them succeed.”

– Lisa Roy

Googled you and got nothing but glowing reviews!

I started a Xango dealership for health reasons at first. Now a month later I’ve decided to build a business.

I never was a fan of hasseling friends and family, and even tho I can talk to people I started looking for a company that would do the cold call for me and then let me close the deal.

When I found myphoneroom I was impressed that when I searched for bad reviews of your company over the internet I couldn’t find any. So that was a big selling point for me, that this is a ligit company working very hard.

– Brian Horn

“Enables us to market our business to qualified prospects”

Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful system. The most critical reason for joining myphoneroom is that it enables us to continually market our business to qualified prospects.

Trust me, we learned the hard way. After building a team of over 60,000 reps without a system that anyone could duplicate created major headaches on top of hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

– Jason Parker
Executive member since 12/12/09

Gives me a professional image worth millions!

“After spending several months evaluating different marketing support systems I found that the overall benefits that my phone room could provide far surpassed any other single thing I could do to build my business.

Just having the personal and professional touch of a live person calling each of my prospects gave me the image I wanted to portray. And having myPhoneRoom sort out those who were worth taking more time with personally solved the problem of building “part-time”. Thanks Joshua for what you’ve put together for all of us.”

– Michael Murano


Perfect for full time parents trying to make a better future

I work a full-time job and I am a busy dad.. so there is no way I can be on the phone calling countless leads and wasting my valuable free time.

I felt I was wasting my energy/ time and was not enjoying my daughter after work and on the weekends. I was running in circles without results.

I chose myphoneroom platinum membership because I want to leverage smart and the only time I chose to be on the phone is when I have a qualified warm lead who is ready to talk to me and ready to join my business. No more Cold calling or prospecting on my end. Now I will have prospects interested in my top tier programs without me chasing them … wonderful, I love it, a dream come true!

I cannot wait to make even more money on the back end with myphoneroom platinum affiliate as I will be offering it to my new members to help them grow .

I consider this a perfect business model, a win-win situation for both me, my members and the

– Adam C., California

Time is money and myPhoneRoom gives me time to enjoy my money

I’ve chosen My Phone Room as my business partner after 5 years of being a full time earner for one simple reason. My time is valuable.

I can grind for 10 hours a day and produce results, but that’s not why I work for myself.

The motivation to earn a lot of money loses its appeal when you pay the price with your time, so it was a logical decision to outsource.

I looked at MPR for a LONG time, and called marketers who had testimonials on the website. Josh spent a LOT of time consulting and answering questions, by the time my “due diligence” was done, I was highly motivated.

The equation of leveraging “other peoples time” is simply good business

– Scott York

Until I found MyPhoneRoom, life was a stressful juggling act

“With a full-time career during the day and a beautiful wife and baby girl waiting for me at night, it was a strain to dedicate the time required to build a successful business.

I understood that sacrifices needed to be made but who wants to miss watching their first child learn their way in the world?

MyPhoneRoom’s amazing service allows me the freedom to spend time doing the things that truly matter in life rather than what’s merely required.

With services including lead generation, appointment setting and even follow-up, my business model has transformed.

It’s now truly possible to leverage my efforts and spend more time with loved ones while creating a business that will give us all the free time and
financial security desired. Thanks MPR!”

– David Frett

Training and support is phenomenal!

Being new to network marketing I knew I needed some guidance. My Phone Room has just what I needed to get my business moving. The training webinars are excellent and the staff are phenomenal. Plus, having them qualify my leads for me is such a huge help. With this kind of support I can only be successful!

Rick Yacko

Thanks to myPhoneRoom, I no longer waste my time or money making cold calls and talking to unqualified prospects

“I immediately saw the value of having myphoneroom as part of my business, simply because it saves me time.

Add to that the amount of wasted money and energy I was spending making phone calls myself, just to reach answering machines and speaking to non-qualified clients for my business, made my decision to leverage the services that myphoneroom offers a no brainer.

Living in Honolulu, Hawaii, time zones can become a real pain when trying to reach people in the continental U.S. The staff at myphoneroom was able to accomodate my challenge and made calls on my behalf that fit my busy schedule.

You can create your own phone script, use the one they already have, use theirs as a template and make changes according to your liking, or get assistance with creating one if none of those options work for you.

The best thing is, that’s just a small part of what they can do to help you grow your business.

If you value your time like I do, my advice to you is to check it out for yourself. It just may turn out to be one of the best business decisions you make this year.”

– Ed Nakamura, myPhoneRoom Founding Member, Honolulu, Hawaii

Instant time freedom – I love it!

“This leaves me time to train and personally help my people instead of being on the prospecting mode. This is also great for newbys who don’t like rejection.”
– Ed B.

Whose actually got time to make calls?

“Whose got time to call everyone back and by the time you call back, the interest is gone.”
– Gracie W.

What A Relief That I Don’t Have To Call Anyone Anymore!

“WOW!” what a relief that i don’t have to call anyone just have them sent to my site, webinar or conference call … this is a no-brainer.”

– Augusta T.

“My dream of helping others build a life changing income and fire my boss in the process now seems closer than ever thanks to My Phone Room”

“I joined My Phone Room because I wanted to find a way to get more done in my business. I’ve been involved with Network Marketing for several years but because of my normal work and life commitments, I’ve never been able to find the time to contact enough people to really get any momentum going in my business.

“I don’t think I’m unusual in this regard. In fact, my experience is probably pretty common. I don’t enjoy the process of ‘prospecting’, in fact it used to absolutely terrify me, and although I’ve learned to push through the fear and take action, it’s not something I look forward to doing. I’m also pretty lazy when it comes to doing things I don’t like doing so it’s probably not surprising that I never managed to develop the momentum I wanted for my business really. I could just never get myself to take enough action with enough enthusiasm to generate the results I was looking for.

“That’s where I was when I came across My Phone Room and I have to say, the concept grabbed me right away. Pay someone else to do the thing I didn’t want to do (prospecting) and only talk to qualified/motivated people??? WOW.

“Suddenly I could see a way that I could leverage other people’s time to get something vitally important done (that I didn’t want to do) and invest what little time I did have available into an activity that had a much greater chance of success i.e. talking to qualified prospects who wanted to hear what I had to say.

“My dream of being able to help other like minded people build a secure life changing income, and fire my boss in the process, now seems closer than ever thanks to My Phone Room.”

All the best guys,

– Dexter Honess

I HATE making calls – Now I don’t have to!

I chose MyPhoneRoom because as a leader of a team, I honestly struggle with calling all of my leads. I would put it off, I sometimes would procrastinate and other times I just didn’t have the time due to other online marketing efforts I was creating, implementing, and tracking.

I have been using the system for 2 days now, and all I can say is I LOVE this process.

I have received 6 qualified 3-ways with people who wanted to receive additional information on my company and I didn’t have to speak to all the tire-kickers or go through wrong/disconnected numbers.

I can already see that my dollars are invested well with MPR and I look forward to allowing this automation help me build my business even faster, with less stress!

Thank you MyPhoneRoom

– Tracey Walker

My reason for choosing myPhoneRoom?

“As a longtime sales coach and trainer, I feel like I’m as good as anybody at engaging prospects and happily involving them in my business… but I have SO many other things to do to keep my business running at full speed!

I needed to leverage the skill of colleagues who are at least as good as I would be at engaging and exciting my contacts, at sifting and sorting and sending me only the RED HOT candidates.

In myPhoneRoom, I feel like I’ve found just such colleagues. Thanks, Team, for all the great things you do!”

– Michael Hume, Agents of Personal Change LLC

“Helps me accelerate my success”

“I joined to leverage my time and build a real company. is the only system I found with professionalism to partner with to help accelerate my success and growth of my team.”

– Philip Cook

Seriously, Who ACTUALLY Likes Cold Calling?

“This is indeed an awesome system that all marketers need and want to have.

“The problem of cold calling and recruiting is one of the major hurdles in online and offline marketing.

“A majority of people are scared to death when it comes to cold-calling. This system truly eases this problem and empowers individuals to be pros in marketing. We all need this system: guru or no guru.”

– Maxwell

The ultimate time management tool!

Let’s face it, calling prospects is a very time-consuming process. This is especially so with those who are just “kicking the tires” and since I generate my own leads and also purchase leads, there just isn’t sufficient time to for me to contact people in a timely manner.

Now that myPhoneRoom is working on my behalf, I can now focus more on my business and only talk to people who have been qualified and interested in working with me.

Additionally, being affiliated with myPhoneRoom provides me with a reliable system which can be used to help people who join me better position themselves to succeed as well.

At the end of the day, myPhoneRoom helps me better leverage my time so that I can focus on other aspects of my business and life and spend quality time with my family notwitstanding the fact that it positions me to have a stronger bottom line.

-L. Stephen Miles, Englewood, NJ

A must have tool!

“My Phone Room is a must have tool for any one serious about building a business, from the novice, to the most seasoned professional.”

– Bruce Wells

“myPhoneRoom is the ‘bomb’ for any marketer looking for an edge!”

I recently joined and want to tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with it thus far.  I haven’t even started my first campaign yet and I am already feeling this has been the best money invested since joining my primary opportunity.

I want to commend you for the amount of value contained in this system.  Soup to nuts really.  Training, support, technology, compensation, it’s all in there.

I have spent twice to three times as much on ala carte programs that confused the bloody hell out of me, but myphoneroom is the bomb for any business or marketer that is looking for an edge.

– Richard Herbst

myPhoneRoom has been a saving grace for our business.

“My husband and I felt lost and overwhelmed trying to get people in front of our business presentation.

We both work full time jobs and I was about to give up when I was introduced to myPhoneRoom.

Now we just download our leads into the contact manager and wait for the
calls to come in with someone interested in our business.

One of the great features we love is that when we talk to our prospects they have already listened to a recorded call about our business.

Can’t get much sweeter than that.  Actually we
had 4 calls today and each one is getting on the business overview this evening.

Talk about going from 0 to a very successful group of qualified leads that are interested. MyPhoneRoom has helped us leverage our time and put an end to cold calling because now we only talk to the people who are actually interested in our business.

Having professionals call our leads and no longer having to call leads ourselves and waste hours and hours getting rejected is now all in the past.

Thanks to myPhoneRoom, I look forward to my business every
day without any hesitation. The fear of calling leads is gone forever!!  It’s worth
every penny we pay for myPhoneRoom knowing that our business is growing each day.

Also the staff is so friendly and ready to help.”

– John and Diana Petracone
Independent Reps for People helping People, Inc.
Hubbardston, MA.

“[myPhoneRoom] is absolutely something I want my entire team to look at!”

“I just want to say that I am thrilled to have been referred to your system. The professionalism of the VMA’s is hands down THE BEST I have ever come in contact with. I am VERY impressed. I am getting amazing results… and I just started! I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with MyPhoneRoom!!!! This is absolutely something I want my entire team to look at!”

– Lynn Leach

Finds the motivated, success minded people for me!

I joined myphoneroom because I need help finding motivated people that are looking for opportunity. I know they are out there but I need the professional and credible help that myphonerroom gives me.

This company is giving me hope to this networking marketing industry that I am very new to, as well as giving other people out there a new solution to a common problem: Finding guaranteed quality leads and experienced people to call them!

Thanks myphoneroom for making success easier to obtain with your guidance!

– Felicia Brown

I hated making phone calls — now I don’t have to!

“Network marketing is a truly great marketing model which causes many people to join them. Most fail because they can’t or don’t want to do the most important task of all which is to make phone calls. I was one of those so imagine my relief when I found myphoneroom who does the phone calls for their clients. No more phone calls. Hallelujah!”

– Ted Felber, CA

myPhoneRoom allows me to talk to people that are truly interested in my business

“I was developing a plan to ramp up my lead generation strategy and wanted to avoid being on the phone for most of the day talking to unqualified leads.  I thought about hiring an assistant but the cost and my time in training that person wasn’t attractive to me.

When I saw what My Phone Room had to offer it was a no brainer.  I now have professionals calling my leads and then I only talk to Qualified Prospects!  This allows me to enjoy the conversions I have with people that are truly interested in my business!!  This amount of leverage allows me to take my business to a whole other level!”

– Derek Bayer

myPhoneRoom even helps us find prospects outside our friends and family

“I have the utter most veneration for Joshua Beistle for having the visionary tactics to help struggling network marketers like myself and my partner Phil Isaac when you don’t have a warm market to lean on.

Joshua has given us a big boost in our goal to accomplish success in our primary business. We now have hope to salvage the problems of finding valuable prospects.

Thank you Joshua for creating myPhoneRoom”

– Marcus Odell Pumphrey and Phil Isaac

4 Reasons why joining myPhoneRoom was a “no brainer” for me.

The reasons I joined myphoneroom are:

#1. Creating Time Freedom

An entrepreneur’s mindset is the most crucial asset he/she can have. After that managing yourself in time (not the myth of time management as time passes by itself at the same pace regardless of what you are doing) is essential for success.

Unfortunately, everyone’s leads do not sit by the phone waiting for us to call. With this, you CANNOT be efficient with managing your tasks within time if you are dealing with “no answers”, “wrong numbers” and “weak leads who are good at wasting your time”.

Therefore, having someone work those leads for you to get a prospect to a particular “Standard” and “Interest Level” frees up segments of time for you to either develop your business or to enjoy with your family.

I think that everyone who works from home wants to create more “time & Freedom” and I joined myphoneroom to achieve this goal.

#2. Automating My Prospecting

When dissecting your necessary tasks if you can outsource time consuming inefficient tasks to another party who will do at least as good a job as you, you should do it without hesitation.

What you will make from the ability to focus on other areas will ALWAYS justify outsourcing.

Being a former CEO who has had his own 50 seat call centre I fully appreciate the investment that has been made by myphoneroom in technology, and simply put, such technologies are crucial if you want to manage, control and expand your business.

There is NO WAY that the average person in this industry can put ALL of these systems together without a huge learning curve, without significant investment and remember, by learning the new technologies you are grossly distracted away from your business.

To not use this service and take a shortcut to success is borderline lunacy if you fully understand what is involved.

#3. A Successful Friend Was Having Great Results

Successful people leave clues and I was introduced by someone who I hold in high regard and that was good enough for me.

#4. Time Zones Make No Difference To Me Now

Being based in the UK and targeting the USA, it is an absolute no brainer to outsource when you will be playing the “Time Zone Game” which then turns your business into crazy unsocial hours which would conflict with your life design of more “time/freedom”.

My list of reasons could go on and on, the short of it is if you are considering joining myphoneroom, if you have been pondering whether or not to for over a couple of days, I would urge you to consider whether the automatic behaviors that are stalling you are in fact bad habits that have been sabotaging your success for years.

If so, don’t beat yourself up about it, we have ALL been there, at least acknowledge that you need to do something about it otherwise your past will always equal your future and this does not need to be the case.

I hope that my sharing is of benefit to you and serves you in giving you many reasons why taking action to give myphoneroom the opportunity to help you be a success.

Authentically yours,

– Kevin Joseph Collinson

myPhoneRoom is the complete package!

I have tried several other products that promised to help me explode my business, but with each one there was something missing… RESULTS!!

Then, in my continuing search I discovered My Phone Room. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. This is a complete package that addresses every issue I’ve been struggling with. I’m just getting started and the training and support are absolutely outstanding. I ‘m excited!

– Robert Short

Finally a service that lets you work smart instead of hard!

I am so excited to have come on board. I have been in networking for many years and have always dreamed about creating or at least having a service such as MPR to work with.

I am a business consultant and always preaching the message, “Work ON your business, not IN it” MPR makes this possible. Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to a long and profitable partnership.

– Jim Pringle

People appreciate the human factor and personal contact

I became involved with My Phone Room due to the lack of time. Prospecting leads requires much time spent on the telephone that I just do not have. I personally believe that you must connect with people to generate solid prospects.

I know many only prospect via the internet anymore, but I personally think people really appreciate the human factor and personal contact.

My Phone Room is able to provide that personal contact, and save time by delivering only the serious people. I also believe that it truly ad’s to the professional appearance of my business.

– Christie from Missouri

myPhoneRoom is the answer to every inexperienced and experienced marketers problems

I have been in network marketing for 2 years now and even though I have somewhat learned how to generate leads online I still have not been able to get anyone besides some close friends of mine to join my business.

I chose so I could have the leads I generate call me instead of me being too scared to pick up the phone or too nervous on the phone when I did actually pick it up to bring that lead into my business and let them slip away. is the answer to almost every inexperienced and experienced marketers problems and I have faith that this company will help me grow my business to the level I want to be.

– Mitch McCargar, Platinum Level Member

Good enough for one of the top dogs in my company is good enough for me!

I had been listening to a weekly webinar put on by my upline mentor when he mentioned that he was so busy he used a service to make initial contact with his leads.

I e-mailed him asking what company he used and he recommended myPhoneRoom. I subsequently visited your site and after a good conversation with Maddy, I was convinced that it would increase my sales just like it had with my successful upline mentor.


– Chris Benoit

“Success is just a matter of plugging in the system”

I am a new member of and joined them for the sole purpose of utilizing their services in order to expand my business and take a giant step forward in becoming a professional network marketer.

With the training and marketing tools that they provide in there business model has given me the confidence and belief that if we follow the steps they have outlined, success is just a matter of plugging in the system.

– Rob Nilsson

myPhoneRoom gives me the leverage and time to be there for my 6 kids

My name is Jonathan Harris and I am low on time due to six kids who want my time and affection. My Phone Room is an excellent tool to help me save time by screening those people who are not serious & I want to speak only to those who are serious about building a business into a cash/wealth machine.

– Jonathan “Jay” Harris, Denver, CO
Platinum member

Even Marines Don’t Want to Make Cold Calls!

My name is Alphonso Jones from Virginia. I am 29 years old and just got out of the Marine Corps a year ago.

I have been in the network marketing arena for about 5 years and my biggest problem has been generating leads and contacting leads that I do generate.

My Phone Room is the solution to both. When I found My Phone Room it took a lot of pressure off of me because I knew that the two things that I felt was holding me back now is no problem at all.

I can now take my business to a whole new level I never thought I could reach and hit the leader boards sooner [rather] than later. I can’t wait to use My Phone Room to its full capacity and share it with all of my team and associates. Thanks Josh for an amazing creation that is changing lives one call at a time.

– Alphonso Jones
Former Marine and all round bad A$$ –my words, not his 😉

“Outsourcing make[s] me much more effective”

I actually don’t mind calling leads. The problem is it takes too long and it’s exhausting to try to do it all myself.

Outsourcing the initial calls will make me much more effective.I love the idea of saving my energy for only qualified prospects who have already been directed to a presentation.

– Lee Abbott

Perfect for those with very little time to work their business!

The reason I chose MyPhoneRoom for my business is lack of time to do the calling, closing and followup and the training MyPhoneRoom provides.

I have been around this industry longer than most and I’ve had few successes, but a lot of failures. The day of failure is no longer an option. I am committed to using this system in my current business, and also plugging into the MyPhoneRoom affiliate program.

– Joe Cook

I joined because the last thing I wanted to do is call leads

I joined My phoneroom because the last thing that I want to do is to call leads.

And from what I have learned so far this system is built around getting my name out there, So by time I am on the phone with a prospect it will be because they want to be a part of my home business, And they are ready to join me. I look forward  to building my team with Myphoneroom.

– Artie Schenk

Perfect for busy entrepreneurs working 12+ hours a day!

“My wife and I own and operate two UPS & FedEx Authorized Shipping Centers which keeps us very busy, but we want to tone down our long work hours once I get my home business at a level of income that replaces my current time-intensive income.

My Phone Room saves me from having to fit in three to four hours a day phoning new prospects to recruit new members into my business and having to do all of the follow up.

My Phone Room allows me to grow my home business faster and without interfering with my current businesses and income. Thanks and have a blessed day!”

– Lonnie Hale

myPhoneRoom is the solution after you’ve talked to all of your friends and family…

I came to a point where I had talked to all my friends and family and now it has been over 5 months since I have added even one new member to my team.

I joined MyPhoneRoom today for alot of reasons but the number one reason was because I need help getting me in front of people I can close, I have years of relationship building skills.

– Charles Paclik

myPhoneRoom gives me instant credibility and
gets my prospects fired up!

The program that I’m working is already powerful but what myphoneroom does to it brings a whole other entity which is essential to generating cash flow. Let me elucidate; it brings posturing, branding, enthusiasm, credibility, gets prospects on fire and motivated.

In turn, I get to build a relationship with these prospects where we become financially free in the process and that is priceless.

J. Joshua says it best, “People don’t join businesses. People join People!”

– Taliaferro Gardner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Takes the guess work out of how to be successful

You have finally put the “no cold calling” term into action for people like me.

I’m really impressed with the whole system that you have put in place. It takes the guess work out of how to do things.

And I can’t say enough about the support that MPR has in place.

You guys rock.

– Rayne Holliday

“My entire team will continue with your company for as long as you guys are open!”

Just wanted to say thanks to all three of you for your help and the two new teammates we have. (only 14 hours of calling…wow) You and the entire sales team at My Phone Room are the best!

My entire team will continue with your company for as long as you guys are open! I am already getting requests for info about you guys at the office from the other teams! So… never close down!!!! hahaha

Thanks so much Maddy, Christy, Josh and staff you are a blessing! This is the beginning of something GREAT!! Keep it up!

Take care,
– Jayson Floyd, Primerica (Team Fox), Seattle, WA

The solution you turn to when your warm market dries up

My husband and I joined a network marketing company about a year ago. We used a warm market approach but our warm market has dried up.

About 3 months ago we were searching for a way to get qualified leads and we came across Derek Bayer’s site. Derek spoke with us about My Phone Room and the success he was having with your system.

He then suggested we speak with Maddy who has been so helpful in answering our multitude of questions! And here we are and we are excited to get started.

– Art and Lynne Whittington

At 72 years of age, myPhoneRoom is exactly
what I need to hit another home run with my home business

I am past retirement age and I know what it is like to earn excellent income in my life. However, at one point in the early 2000s, I “donated” most of my savings to the stock market. I tried to retire, but soon found that Social Security would not be enough.

At age 72, I decided I would do something about my predicament, and I got a part-time job that is not too bad, but I probably won’t be able to do it for many more years.

I have worked over the years in the MLM industry, with varying degrees of success, including a real home run. I have done fairly well, because of my sales ability, but that has been difficult to duplicate; therefore, I have chosen MyPhoneRoom with the hope of earn well above average, because of the possibility of better time management (i.e., not having to make a lot of personal dialing for dollars, except with 3-ways with prospects who are ready).

I am really busy with a well-rounded life, but I am persistent and have a desire to earn what is needed to eliminate my debts and increase my savings. I have a list of 20 reasons why I want to accomplish the goals mentioned here, and I have a top few I focus on.


– Larry Keim

Don’t make my mistake and
put off outsourcing your prospecting

I wanted to let you know that I have looked at MyPhoneRoom for a year. All the Guru’s kept saying “you need to outsource”. I knew they were right but I kept putting it off.

Finally I realized I can’t keep trying to do everything myself. I took a look at what I hate to do the most and that is calling!

I am not good at it and you can tell that in my voice.

I finally signed up with MyPhoneRoom and I am going through the set up and I am so excited to get going.

Thanks for this,

– Carol Heksem

It’s the ULTIMATE time saver

Excited to have a system in place that can weed out leads that are not serious about building a business and saving me TIME in the process of building mine!

– Jeff Bernert

myPhoneRoom solves all of the problems
that I did not have a solution for

After being active in several MLMs over the past 22 years but not successful in ever building one the right way, i.e. I never had multiple strong “legs”, I had concluded that even though I love the MLM business model, and I knew it worked, that it wouldn’t work for me.

And I knew the reason, too: I felt that I could not bring yet another new thing to my warm market, AND I was busy with my job and my life, AND I was not meeting 5 new people a day AND I was not following up.  effectively.

The calls were always painful for me, and my follow up was poor…

I consistently had lots of leads but I rarely sat down to make those calls.  And when I did I never followed up properly.  For the same reasons that J. Joshua covers in Chapter 2 of his “Special Report”.

Today, I am busy with two other passive income producing businesses and was definitely not looking for anything else, let alone another MLM company.  And then, through someone I know and trust in my network, I was introduced to an opportunity that I was very impressed with, and I started to get excited about the possibilities….

But I also knew that the last thing I need is another commitment… and  an MLM no less, which requires all of the things above that I had never done well before and so what would be different this time.

And around the same time, my friend Joe told me that he is using myPhoneRoom to build his MLM business, and he asked me if I had ever heard of it.  I had not, so he sent me a link to a blog he wrote about myPhoneRoom…which sounded very intriguing (and of course he had his affiliate link embedded).

And I started to imagine…J. Joshua figured it out and he created an awesome solution with myPhoneRoom!

With this organization on my team I know that I can actually do it right this time…and what I saw in myPhoneRoom appeared to be a very cool business model that solves all of the problems that I did not have a solution for, and his own experience and the testimonials of others that I read convinced me that they have figured it how to do it right.

I went on to attend the business overview webinar to get more info, and as J. Joshua described the business and services that myPhoneRoom offers, I just got more and more excited…and really see this as a no brainer…the combination of (a) the team at myPhoneRoom providing all of these incredible services, (b) this business opportunity which I am excited to share with the world, and (c) me (and my upline, who are proven leaders in the MLM industry) will be a powerful combination.


– Rob Tepper

When you’re ready to make money,
myPhoneRoom is the key to your success

I’m just getting started with MyPhoneRoom, but we (myself and my business partner/wife) are excited about the potential of this system.

While there is always hesitation in getting started with something new, not having to deal with the front end headaches with prospective business partners is an exciting and time saving addition to our business plan.

We are ready to move from spending most of our time prospecting to more productive activities. Thanks for this asset!

– Kevin Ziebell

Helps me reach prospects when I’m too busy to make calls

Hello my name is Michelle and I decided to join myPhoneRoom to improve my daily leads in quantity (more leads, more sources) and quality (searching for those serious people) with cost savings and professional service.

I’ve looked into myPhoneRoom and I’m excited for your help reaching my leads around my crazy busy schedule and helping me grow myself as a leader and improve my value to the marketplace.

I’m ready to move my business to the next level by reaching out and helping lots of people!

The videos I’ve watched so far where very informational and I’m very excited to get set up and explode my business with your help!

With my new focus and commitment to my business to help others along with your guidance I know we will be successful!!

– Michelle Klemmer

Here’s why I sold my Ford F-350 to join…

I chose to affiliate with My Phone Room and partner with them in growing my business for a couple of reasons:

1. I’ve tried and have not been successful at generating leads – then J. Joshua Beistle gave a free webinar on generating leads. At the end of the seminar – he said – call Maddy and for paid members send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a bonus.

2. I called Maddy and have talked with her regularly for months – she is an extremely valuable coach in and of herself.

3. I brazenly wrote and asked for the bonus even though I was not a paid member – Mr. Beistle sent it the next day.

So, I sold my Ford F-350 so that I could pay down enough on my credit card to partner with MyPhoneRoom at the Platinum level.

– LeRoy Engle

I joined because I have no time to make calls

When I heard about My Phone Room it was like a dream come true.  I know that the only way to be really successful in network marketing is to be actively prospecting every single day.

But as a full time wife, mother and employee, I have very little time.  So calling and qualifying leads is not something I can include in my busy schedule.

I joined My Phone Room so that I could have a professional marketing assistant call my leads, and only connect me with those people who are serious and are ready to get started.  This will be a huge help to me as I work to build my business.

– Sonji Cosby

I joined because I have no desire to be on the phone
all the time to qualify prospects

Why I chose MyPhoneRoom is because I did not have the time or the desire to be on the phone all the time trying to connect and qualify prospects. I think this system is the answer for me.

– Barb Scott

“Always looking for way’s to leverage myself”

I joined my phone room after hearing so much good information about the quality of service they offer.

I have an online business that I work from home and I’m always looking for way’s to leverage myself. The fact that MyPhoneRoom calls my leads in a professional manner and save’s me so much time sorting through the uninterested leads was a very strong selling point for me.

I also love the fact that they help build my credibility in the eye’s of my prospects. This allows me to focus on building my business instead of chasing after unqualified prospects. This will help me talk to only the people that deserve my time, which let’s me build my business faster.

Thank you MyPhoneRoom.

– Kevin Drewlo

Love the time savings I get!

I have looked at using the Phone Room a few times now and have finally decided to use this tool because of the saved time calling and qualifying prospects.

The increased conversions from the fast start bonus of my primary company will justify the cost. Basic business 101 says if you have more coming in the what is going out means you are succeeding.

– Dale Sigurdson

Helps me MAXIMIZE my time!

I have chosen MyPhoneRoom to help me maximize my time and sort through and find quality people who are looking for a home based business and to help them get the things they need, want and don’t want!

– Wendell G. Wooten

I hate the rejection of making prospecting calls!

The Reason I joined My Phone Room is because I realize I need to contact people in person to get them to consider joining my business and I don’t have the time or the expertise in that field.

I also don’t like the rejection of cold calling folks and that usually keeps me from making calls in the first place.

I believe myPhoneRoom will help me conquer these issues and I will finally be able to find quality net workers to join my business.

– Gary Pugsley

Fantastic scripts to help me grow my business

I just want to say thank you for this opportunity. I’m new at I was recommended by my business partner. I have been going over back office and some training videos I hope this will really help go to the next level in my business. I have read the scripts and they look awesome.

I just want to say Thanks!


Great aide for your downline

This will be the first experience using a system like this. I see this as a necessity for virtually anybody involved in direct or indirect sells and marketing.

My goal is to double the the revenue i and my team generated [last year]. I am willing to be coached and trained on enhancing my skill sets.

I like to assist and help others to become successful and i see this as an aide to assist the people on my team.

Thank You! I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship.

– Carl Scott

A “No Brainer”!

Hey J. Joshua I first want to say Thank you for creating an awesome company.

The reason I joined My phone room is because I am a Full time Serial Entrepreneur with a family, radio show and a local marketing company.

It is extremely tough to manage these responsibilities without some professional prospecting help . My phone room will assist me with consistent prospecting…

My phone room is a No Brainer for the Smart Marketer who understands leverage.

Thanks  J Joshua….

Create Momentum,

– Seth Ali

After 7 years in the trenches… I’m done with hearing “no

I joined MyPhoneRoom because I have been in the direct sales industry for 7 years and am tired of hearing NO. There are enough YES’s out there for all of us I just needed help weeding through the negative. Thank you MyPhoneRoom!!!

– Jack Martin

Was ready to give up on MLM. My Phome Room has given me new hope

My name is Malcolm Roberts. I have been involved in a number of MLM ventures past and present. However, I’ve experienced little to no sucess in building my business in any of them.

I am currently working with a company whose products I am very excited about and feel that is the one that can take me to the top.

I began working with my warm market with limited success. None of my family or close friends had ever been involved in multi-leviel marketing and didn’t really have a genuine belief in the products and services offered by the company.

Following a string of frustrations I began to venture out into the cold market talking to people that I came in contact with on a daily basis. Again I was met with almost no interest in recruiting any promising leads.

Although frustration had become common place wih my efforts I was determined to find a way to find people who harboured the same excitement and passion that I have for my products.

Recently I was contacted by a gentlemen from My Phone Room. He asked me how I was coming along in building my business.

After explaining my situation, he asked me if I would be interested in working with a company that could eliminate my ever having to call a lead again. And that they offered a support system that could help me find people who already have a common interest in my market place.

Conseqeuntly, I checked out the website and became increasing interested in the program as I navigated through and listened to the video messages on the site. It appears to have an awesome support system that will assist me in finding potential leasds to help build my business.

I was just about at the end of my rope and ready to give up on MLM. My Phome Room has given me new hope and I am happy to be apart of this new opportunity to jump statt my business.

– Malcolm Roberts

I work 60-80 hours a week… how am I supposed to make calls?

I have been in network marketing now for 18months and make about $25usd per month and work a full-time job 60-80 hours per weekend came across a email from Joshua and myphoneroom and thought with my busy schedule and not enough time to make all the calls i need to having a virtual assistant help me with my calling and fill my my funnel with your leads would help me get to manager and beyond as I am committed long term and will not quit until I am a eagle of the SOC family at the top. my belief in my product is very high and use it daily have only 7 cutovers but it is a start no distributors yet so this is where myphoneroom comes in to play.

Best Regards

– Ben Powell

I love MPR’s bultiple follow-up system!

I hate making prospecting phone calls… But, as I took a harder look at the whole system – I made me look like a professional – expert!!!

The System uses multiple follow ups from auto-responders, Social Media and even mailouts… It’s a time-saver and stress saver and I know it will get me the results I am looking for to building it BIG the Right way…


– Curt Gushi

I joined MPR because I wanted to increase my productivity and success

I chose myPhoneRoom because I have achieved my group productivity in the opportunity I represent and now I am looking to increase my promotion activity by helping even more people get what they need and want while doubling my income in the process.

My wife and I are full-time parents as a result of our opportunity and enjoy the time freedom and the finances to support, she and I had a board of directors meeting and decided we want to increase our revenues and help more people but without sacrificing our family time.

myPhoneRoom will allow us to do that. We look forward to results of that service.

– Kevin D. Walls

myPhoneRoom allows me to step up my game and work smart!

Hi, my name is Ramon Fazah and the reason that I joined myphoneroom is simple. I love direct selling and this industry but I hate calling leads.

I’ve been involved in ACN for the last four years and have had success, however, the time has come for me to step up my game not just for me but for my team.

I see this program as the best of the best in allowing us to reach unlimited earning potential and help so many others in the process do the same thing.

There are so many networkers out there and the majority of them are flying by the seat of their pants without a plan.

My goal is to add value to my group and new members to our team with this incredible system.

Since I’ve partnered with my phone room I’m blown away with the incredible system that Joshua has put together.

This program is designed to help us all succeed and so simple that anyone can do it!!!

Josh literally pours his heart out into this program not just with the phone room but with all of his internet marketing experience and it even includes his famous “Red Hot Prospects” that you get with this program for FREE!!

Its amazing… My only regret is that its taken me this long to pull the trigger!

Thank you for putting such an incredible program together!

To your success!

– Ramon Fazah

I have a great company and want to build my team quickly,
myPhoneRoom is a no brainer!

I have a great company that I’m with and need to build my team quickly.

The reason why I picked myphoneroom is that I love the idea that they call the leads first and once the person is really interested they will call me. [This way] I am only talking with very serious people.

– Donna Shrock

Duplication comes from a system not personal skill.

I am happy to be associated with MPR. I have had mentors who have taught me the art of making calls, but I have yet to find the level of success I would like to see.

I joined because I believe that I can learn those skills that I now lack and also find great time savings as the qualifying is done for me.

I have watched several webinars and found each of them to be very well done with valuable information. Thank you!

– Sally Thomson